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Dream Vessels Collages                                                                                                                     

Marsha Connell’s Dream Vessels collages bring together elements from dreams, of the night and the day. They are story and metaphor, merging images of destruction and healing, of vanitas, the poignant awareness of death in the midst of the beauty and sweetness of life. They speak in symbol and invite soul transformation. They explore relationships with the “other”. The collages began in 1991, as letters to her daughter during the First Persian Gulf War, a time when she had no words, and images came into her hands like dreams. They continue in a series of over one hundred thirty titles. Color laser xerography transforms them into limited edition collage/prints.

Collage-making led Marsha Connell to follow a similar process into writing poetry. The practice of Authentic Movement opens pathways to reenter, understand, and expand the connection with the collages. Her artwork and poetry are widely exhibited and published in art and literary journals.


Skating backwards,
scribing circles on ice,
I tumbled into inner space.
balance lost
and found
changing colors
poet fallen off her chair
rolling on the floor



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Dream Vessels Collages                                                                                                                     


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